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Q: How do I fix the “GEOM: adn: the secondary GPT table is corrupt or invalid” errors that appear in the logs or at boot time?
This error is caused by a basic flaw in the software used in FreeBSD and XigmaNAS to create and manage RAID arrays. Until FreeBSD version 7x the OS ignored / did not report the error. Now it and XigmaNAS, since it is based on FreeBSD, do report it. In the future, this may be fixed in FreeBSD, until then let's all continue blissfully ignoring it like we did prior to version 7x. References:

  • Most definitive explanation to date –dead link {RAID1 Corrupt Secondary Partition after upgrade}
  • –dead link {[SOLVED] mirror raid1 error after upgrade-need disk recovery}

Note: Do not confuse the error above with this one: “GEOM: adn: corrupt or invalid GPT detected.
“GEOM: adn: GPT rejected – may not be recoverable.”

This can be a serious error which sometimes needs to be fixed as follows:

  1. Fix it! - If you see the error on single disk not a member of RAID array or ZFS.
  2. Do nothing! - If you see the error on a disk member of RAID array.
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