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Q: How do I fix the “login name contains invalid characters” error on WebGUI Tab> Access > Users > Add ?
If you are getting an error creating a user name or password try removing non-alphanumeric or whitespace characters. To ensure 100% interoperability between different systems user names generically should:

Begin with a lowercase letter. Contain only the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and -. Be no longer than 8 characters. The same goes for passwords and file / folder names. The above guidelines ensure compatibility they are not the limits of XigmaNAS, in fact since version 0.7 user names and passwords have been expanded. This is the 21st century and obviously most modern systems have different, less restrictive limits, but the closer you keep to those general recommendations the fewer mystery problems you will have.

Basic Local users & groups ⇒
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