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Q: How do I mount/map a CIFS/SMB/SAMBA/Windows share/shared folder on my XigmaNAS server?
First make sure all hosts/clients are communicating properly on your network. Then you need to create a mount point on the XigmaNAS server using the CLI, WebGUI Tab> Advanced|Execute command , SSH or console shell to execute the following:

mkdir /mnt/YourShareName

You could also use Quixplorer (Advanced|File Manager) if you are unfamiliar with the other interfaces.

Then you mount the remote share with this command:

mount_smbfs //RemoteUserName@RemoteServerName /mnt/YourShareName

You will be prompted for the user's password, enter the correct one and the remote shared files & folders should now appear in the /mnt/YourShareName directory/mount point you created. Would you like to do that without having to enter a password? Here's how:

  • Create an SMB configuration file in your home directory and enter your server/login information:
    nano ~/.nsmbrc

    domain=Your Windows/SAMBA Domain or Workgroup name.

    addr=RemoteServer IP Address



  • Note: RemoteServerName and RemoteServerUserName generally need to be capitalized (at least that was my experience with Windows XP shared folder).
  • Use the same mount_smbfs command and this time it will find the SMB config file and use the settings you entered. Your remote share should mount without prompting for a password. If you have trouble and can't get the above to work, before you ask for help, please check your network settings and make sure your computers can communicate with each other. If the network is good then please read and understand mount_smbfs. If you still can't get it working, then ask for help.


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