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Q: How do I remove / replace a disk in a SoftRAID5 array?
If the disk is not dead and you still want to replace it, you should do it from the WebGUI. Make sure you identify the correct disk so you do not make a mistake and remove the wrong one. Here is the basic procedure:

  1. Unmount the array in Disks > Mount Point > Management
  2. Remove the disk in Disks > Software RAID > RAID 0/1/5 > Maintenance.
  3. Shutdown server, remove bad disk, replace with good new disk that has been wiped clean of any old partitions or data.
  4. Boot server.
  5. The array should begin to rebuild automatically, verify state in Disks > Software RAID > RAID 0/1/5 > Information. If it does not start to rebuild automatically then Insert the disk/device you just replaced in Disks > Software RAID > RAID 0/1/5 > Maintenance.
  6. Mount the array again from Disks > Mount Point > Management .

Your array will take some time to rebuild, the system will perform about 20% slower while this is happening but it is still usable.

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