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Q: Is there a way to secure / password protect the server console and drive data in case my XigmaNAS server is stolen?
There is currently no way to password protect the console. However, you can disable the console menu in WebGUI Tab> System > Advanced Setup. Make sure you backup your configuration before you disable the console menu since the only way you have to enable it again is through the WebGUI. It would be bad if later you loose access to the WebGUI.

If you are concerned that someone can walk up to your server and start messing with it, a better idea than disabling the console is to consider running it without a keyboard and monitor. This is usually referred to as “headless”. You could also put the server in a locked room where only authorized personnel can get to it, this is usually a good idea and really helps to ensure your server is not messed with or stolen.

Finally, you can protect against theft by encrypting your drives. Remember that encryption can make disaster recovery more difficult and that you must not lose or forget the password.

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