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Q: What can I do to make sure my installation of XigmaNAS goes smoothly?
Follow this advice to ensure an easy installation, if you do have problems they will be easy to troubleshoot:

  • Boot from the LiveCD and make sure your MotherBoard and BIOS work satisfactorily before buying more hardware.
  • Test to ensure your basic hardware components are fully functional BEFORE adding more hardware, especially your RAM. A single hard drive and NIC on a PC is sufficient to prove XigmaNAS will work.
  • Keep it simple - configure the base XigmaNAS first before trying to add additional hard drives, RAID, RAID controllers, NICs, Wireless, etc.
  • Test to ensure ALL your hard disks are working properly by configuring them as individual drives BEFORE configuring them as part of any RAID Array.
  • Update and/or default your BIOS if you are having problems booting.
  • Disable anything you are not using in BIOS ( sound, LPT ports, game ports, etc. ).
  • Disable 'Plug and Play Aware OS' in your BIOS, if not already disabled by default.
  • Once you boot XigmaNAS, check logs for errors and correct any you find before adding more hard drives and trusting the server to store your valuable data.
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