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Q: What features will not be implemented in the main, core release and can I request a feature?
Not all Feature Requests can or will be be accommodated.

  • Specifically features not related to NAS (bittorent client, print server, DHCP server, etc…).
  • First and foremost XigmaNAS was developed as a Network Attached Storage application, not a router, media server, etc. There may be future development streams, plug-ins, modules or patches to XigmaNAS to make some other functions work, but not until the basic NAS functions are stabilized. If you have skills to do this, share your expertise, please.
  • If you want a feature added to XigmaNAS, be prepared to test it if and when it becomes available.
  • Developers do not have all the applications and hardware you have to test a new feature thoroughly, e.g Apple AFP, AD Domain, etc.. You may also be asked to contribute some input to the documentation, some words and screen snaps. Your contribution will be recognized in the documentation.
  • If you “think” a feature might be useful to other users, post it to XigmaNAS forum - Suggestions & Requests for others to comment on.
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