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Q: Where can I find a list of hardware compatible with XigmaNAS/FreeBSD?
Q: Where can I find a list/images of hardware others have used to build XigmaNAS servers?
We cannot maintain an official, comprehensive list, but there are a couple of good places to look.

You should start with the Hardware Compatibility & Users' Hardware Lists for your release of XigmaNAS. You will find systems and configurations others have tried and are known to work. You should consider adding your system / hardware there once you get it working. Look at the format, arrange your information in a similar way and send an e-mail ( or PM in the forum ) to one of the documentation maintainers listed on the contributors page. If you do not find your hardware here, then the next palce to look is FreeBSD 11.2 Hardware Notes

The Gallery forum area is another interesting place. You will find pictures and equipment lists/notes for servers members have built, feel free to add yours too :-) . You may even try posting a question to the builder there if you see a configuration you like.

The Motherboards forum area is where you will find discussions and solutions for getting your motherboard working with XigmaNAS. You should use an advanced search to find your motherboard and see what others have written about it.

Finally, you can also look at members' signatures, many list what hardware they are currently using there.

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