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Q: Why is the size of my hard drive so much smaller than I think it should be?
The UFS filesystem reserves 8% of the drive for system use by default. This can be changed when you format the drive but it is recommended you leave it alone.

Q: Why does Windows Explorer report wrong Free & Used space for shared drives?
Windows Explorer includes the 8% of space reserved by the UFS filesystem in its Used Space total and DF (the utility used by XigmaNAS for WebGUI Tab > Diagnostics > Information > Space Used ) does not. Ever ask yourself why NTFS drives are 12.5% smaller than you think they should be?

Reference: NTFS reserves 12.5 % of the volume for the MFT.
Reference: Win7 Mapped Drives - Size / space used question.

Invisible files can also consume more space than you think! Did you enable a recycle bin on any of your drives? Have you emptied it recently?

Another common cause for incorrectly reported used/free space size is sharing /mnt or any part of the / ( root ) file system via CIFS/SMB, you will see only the space from the system partition ( where /mnt is located ). Obviously, /mnt or / should never be shared this way. If you make this mistake Windows will show the total size of the root file system ( / ), not your drive and your free space will equal that reported for /.

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