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Q: Why is the network speed so slow?
Just few tips:

  • For improved CIFS/SMB performance:
    • Enable Large read/write and/or AIO in WebGUI Tab> Services > CIFS/SMB > Settings.
    • Enable Tuning in WebGUI Tab> System > Advanced.
  • For improved performance overall:
    • Increase MTU in WebGUI Tab> Network > LAN Management.
      Please note: Generally, for this to do any good, all devices on the network have to support the # you set here and be configured for the same setting. If you are not sure about what settings are supported by a device, or how to configure a device to use a different setting, leave this at the default!

Doing no more than the above a typical system, with good hardware, on a typical 10/100Mbits/sec network should see average transfer rates around 40-50Mbits/sec over CIFS/SMB and 70Mbits/sec over FTP. The fastest rates possible in this scenario are average transfer rates around 60-75Mbits/sec over CIFS/SMB and 90Mbits/sec over FTP.

If you want faster transfer rates or need to troubleshoot, it gets complicated:

  • XigmaNAS transfer rates are very dependent on network transfer speed and CPU speed performance.
  • If you experience slow transfer rates to and from XigmaNAS, connect the desktop directly to the NAS with a crossover cable.
  • Speed and Duplex settings can then be adjusted to test with the computers' directly connected. The recommendation is normally to hard set speed and duplex (100/Full).
  • The switch I connected to my NAS required all interfaces to be set at auto negotiation to obtain the best transfer rates, your combination of hardware may require different settings. The crossover cable will allow you to test/troubleshoot and bypass possible switch bottlenecks.
  • Not all network interface cards ( NICs ) are created equal, neither are Operating Systems and their NIC drivers. A NIC that works well with Windows may not with XigmaNAS/FreeBSD.
  • Sometimes the server is not the problem, make sure your clients, cables, ports/connectors, switches and routers are properly configured and in good working order.
Basic Networking Tune-up
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