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Q: Is XigmaNAS a “turnkey system”?
A Turnkey System is a complete hardware and software system designed, built, installed, and tested by a vendor for a customer. Supposedly, the system will be fully operational once it is installed and tested. The term derives from the idea that the customer need only “turn the key,” or flip on a switch, and the system will be ready to use. Turnkey systems are often preferred by customers who do not wish, or lack the expertise, to become encumbered in the complexities of system installation, configuration, and testing.

While it is easy to install, configure, manage and is arguably the simplest and most full-featured NAS OS available, 10.x series was our last 32-bits version, IS NOT a turnkey system. Since XigmaNAS is just software and can be installed on many different hardware components each system is unique and there is no way to know every component/board/configuration in the world is compatible.

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