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Q: How can I save or view logs when using Embedded or LiveCD platforms since the logs get erased at boot?
Here are 4 typical solutions:

  1. Basically you want to change the location where the log files are kept, from the RAM disk to permanent media. There are a couple of different ways to do this. Probably the easiest way is to use WebGUI Tab> System|Advanced|rc.conf. Add a new Variable, Value (path to a directory that will not be overwritten on boot where you will store the files) and Description as follows:
    Variable: clog_logdir
    Value: /mnt/data/logs
    Description: Log files location. 
  2. Set up a Syslog server to receive and store log entries. This is probably overkill for most people.
  3. Periodically copy the log files to a mount point that will not be overwritten at boot. You can use a simple one-liner in CRON or local rsync, etc.. If you are trying to figure out why the system crashes, this method is not as useful as #1 and #2, unless you get lucky and the logs are copied a split second before the crash.
  4. Configure e-mail and send yourself a report periodically. As with #3 this is good for historic or comparison purposes but not so good for dealing with crashes.


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