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Q: Why doesn't the Dynamic DNS service work with my free DNS provider / service?
There are many DNS providers / services and this makes it very difficult to ensure the WebGUI makes all of them easy to set-up and run. The WebGUI DYNDNS service uses inadyn as it's engine. So you need to make sure everything you do is compatible with inadyn and also that you send all the required information to your provider / service. There are a few technical issues you need to look out for:

  1. inadyn does not support HTTPS/encryption, never has never will, I've asked the developer. So if your provider / service requires HTTPS/encryption you will have difficulties.
  2. Any custom or unusual parameters or configuration commands should be entered into the Auxiliary Parameters box.
  3. The WebGUI is php based so it has to translate anything in the Auxiliary Parameters box for use by a shell. This means special characters (shell expansion, defined variables, quotes, regexp) may get misinterpreted or not interpreted at all. Also remember there are similar characters in php itself, this means you should avoid getting fancy with usernames and passwords.
  4. Avoid # and !. If you use these, check to see if they have to be quoted to work properly.
  5. Always quote any expansion characters used in usernames or passwords. Better yet, avoid them!
  6. Consider using a configuration file as it may make things easier when you have a lot of auxiliary parameters.

In the end, if you can't get your preferred provider / service to work properly you may just want to run a one line cron script to make it work, this avoids having php in between, but it means you really have to learn alot about inadyn.


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