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ZFS Variables

root@torrents:~# zfs set
	set <property=value> <filesystem|volume|snapshot> ...

The following properties are supported:


	available        NO       NO   <size>
	compressratio    NO       NO   <1.00x or higher if compressed>
	creation         NO       NO   <date>
	defer_destroy    NO       NO   yes | no
	mounted          NO       NO   yes | no
	origin           NO       NO   <snapshot>
	refcompressratio  NO       NO   <1.00x or higher if compressed>
	referenced       NO       NO   <size>
	type             NO       NO   filesystem | volume | snapshot
	used             NO       NO   <size>
	usedbychildren   NO       NO   <size>
	usedbydataset    NO       NO   <size>
	usedbyrefreservation  NO       NO   <size>
	usedbysnapshots  NO       NO   <size>
	userrefs         NO       NO   <count>
	aclinherit      YES      YES   discard | noallow | restricted | passthrough | passthrough-x
	aclmode         YES      YES   discard | groupmask | passthrough
	atime           YES      YES   on | off
	canmount        YES       NO   on | off | noauto
	casesensitivity  NO      YES   sensitive | insensitive | mixed
	checksum        YES      YES   on | off | fletcher2 | fletcher4 | sha256
	compression     YES      YES   on | off | lzjb | gzip | gzip-[1-9] | zle
	copies          YES      YES   1 | 2 | 3
	dedup           YES      YES   on | off | verify | sha256[,verify]
	devices         YES      YES   on | off
	exec            YES      YES   on | off
	jailed          YES      YES   on | off
	logbias         YES      YES   latency | throughput
	mlslabel        YES      YES   <sensitivity label>
	mountpoint      YES      YES   <path> | legacy | none
	nbmand          YES      YES   on | off
	normalization    NO      YES   none | formC | formD | formKC | formKD
	primarycache    YES      YES   all | none | metadata
	quota           YES       NO   <size> | none
	readonly        YES      YES   on | off
	recordsize      YES      YES   512 to 128k, power of 2
	refquota        YES       NO   <size> | none
	refreservation  YES       NO   <size> | none
	reservation     YES       NO   <size> | none
	secondarycache  YES      YES   all | none | metadata
	setuid          YES      YES   on | off
	sharenfs        YES      YES   on | off | share(1M) options
	sharesmb        YES      YES   on | off | sharemgr(1M) options
	snapdir         YES      YES   hidden | visible
	sync            YES      YES   standard | always | disabled
	utf8only         NO      YES   on | off
	version         YES       NO   1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | current
	volblocksize     NO      YES   512 to 128k, power of 2
	volsize         YES       NO   <size>
	vscan           YES      YES   on | off
	xattr           YES      YES   on | off
	userused@...     NO       NO   <size>
	groupused@...    NO       NO   <size>
	userquota@...   YES       NO   <size> | none
	groupquota@...  YES       NO   <size> | none

Sizes are specified in bytes with standard units such as K, M, G, etc.

User-defined properties can be specified by using a name containing a colon (:).

The {user|group}{used|quota}@ properties must be appended with
a user or group specifier of one of these forms:
    POSIX name      (eg: "matt")
    POSIX id        (eg: "126829")
    SMB name@domain (eg: "matt@sun")
    SMB SID         (eg: "S-1-234-567-89")

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